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  •  WG55™ White Gold Premium Filler is formulated with ease-of-use in mind 
  • Reduce cycle time and sandpaper use with WG55’s fast curing formula 
  • Mixes and spreads extremely quickly — ultra smooth 
  • With INVISIX™ Micro-Perfecting Surface Technology, this filler spreads easily and self-levels for reduced sanding and improved cycle times 
  • Z-TEK™ Adhesion Booster maximizes bonds to bare steel, galvanized metals, and aluminum to save time and eliminates re-do's 
  • Tack free, stain free, triple filtered, and vacuum processed to remove pinhole causing air pockets

USC Plus White Gold Premium Body Filler - USC-19000

SKU: 0029
816,00$ Precio
514,20$Precio de oferta


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