Ionisation Technology

Static electricity occurs whenever electrically insulated materials move, rub against or separate from one another. The clean and dry conditions within a spray booth create the perfect environment for static to generate in large amounts which causes imperfections in paint layers. The Stat-Gun uses a microprocessor to generate high voltage transferred through tungsten emitters, which in turn generate positive and negative ions. Resulting in less dust and contamination in your coats and less overspray.


The Stat Gun will:

  • Improve metallic laydown
  • Increase throughput
  • Increase profitability by reducing turnaround times/reworks/material used
  • Increase job satisfaction by achieving a perfect finish first time, every time

Stat Gun - Anti Static Gun

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By using the Stat-Gun on every job, between every coat, you can reduce all of the following: Dust and dirt inclusions, Halo’s, Dark edges, Blending issues, Colour matching issues, Patchiness, Uneven application (e.g. tack rag marks), Runs/sinkage, Amount of material used.