• Light Cutting and Polishing, 2 Products in 1. Polex is multi-functional and can be used as light cutting compound and polish, thereby eliminating the need for the variety of products a body shop may stock for their refinishing operations.

  • Just Switch Pads, Not Polish. Total showroom gloss by only replacing pads in different stages of the refinishing process.

  • Fast Cut, No Swirls, Excellent Shine. Polex’s exceptional formula incorporates high tech abrasives and special components that result in a fast but smooth performance and an impeccable appearance.

  • Contains No Wax or Silicone. Highly resistant to outdoor conditions, protects the paint and lasts longer.
    For All Paint Surfaces. Including dark and glamour colors.

Polex Super Polishing System 32 oz

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Polex, a unique combination of high tech abrasives and polishing additives, removes paint imperfections and sand scratches without swirl or buffer marks. By just simply switching pads, Polex will remove color sanding scratches as well as finish to a highly lustrous shine.